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I suppose we can call this the Furieus Nutrition Manifesto for the foreseeable future, as this is my insidious attempt to permeate the lives of everyone who trains with me so they don’t ruin all the hard work I put into them with poor eating habits.  Now I can hover over everyone’s shoulder 24 hours a day and say, “Really?  I mean… you’re really going to eat that?”
I’ll get into exercise eventually, but any sort of workout is going to show some benefit, and you can always come and work out with me in person.  Nutrition is less forgiving, and since most everyone who works with me wants to lose at least five pounds, I’ll cover what we eat first.  Within the next year I hope to arrive at Furie’s Grand Unified Theory of Nutrition.  Grandiose?  You’re god damned right it is.
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Gimme a sec… I’m thinking of something spectacularly clever…

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